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Advanced communication was limited to low technology such as picture communication systems and sign language.Fast forward to 2011 and the i Pad has revolutionized the assistive communication world.Ideal for children with autism, cerebral palsy, apraxia and down syndrome.A heads up, although this app is free a lot of the features are only available with a .99 upgrade so be prepared to layout something.At an affordable price, the easy to use i Pad has become the most recommended device when an assistive communication device is needed.In the i Pad app store there are numerous applications available for individuals with special needs.

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The easy to use system integrates preloaded vocal output so that individuals can use their “voice”.

In addition, users are able to record their own personalized audio and pair it with photos!

This is a good app for beginners not willing to shell out more money.

Another downer is that i Comm only works with the i Pad and i Phone and not the i Pod Touch.

Company: 2nd Half Enterprises LLC Price: .99 Rating: 4 Stars (18) My Talk Tools Mobile for the i Phone, i Pod touch and i Pad enables people with communication difficulties to express their needs and desires to those around them.


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