Speed dating events in charlotte nc

Our current members will easily validate this to be true See testimonials below.https://a248.e.akamai.net/secure.meetupstatic.com/photos/event/6/9/5/c/event_302126972We have real group events that we coordinate and put together. We want people to be able to ease into getting to know each other via social interaction versus the pressure heavy situations.https://a248.e.akamai.net/secure.meetupstatic.com/photos/event/c/c/6/c/event_303832332Our aim is to not be a group who just sits back and reposts all the things another group does. We want the best for you and are secure enough within ourselves to welcome you versus being afraid that you come to steal a position.We are not looking to charge you money just to see info that you can see yourself by Googling latest happenings in the Charlotte area. We are focused more on the people having a great time versus trying to be in every picture.

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Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Engineers, Attorneys, News Media, ESPN Marketing, Radio Personalities, Government Officials, Law Enforcement, Retail, Real estate Professionals, Teachers, Physicians and more. Membership to this group is Free @ Black Professionals Singles Mingle. This group is for professional black men and women ages 21 and older who are are looking to actively get out of the house now.. No wall-huggers allowed :) Its time to mingle with other black professional singles. yet, we have a network of single men and women at Charlotte Execs.We want people who have a passion to serve the members.A true heart to see singes connect in a quality fashion.If you've been working and haven't found the balance to get out and have some fun or if its been ages since you've been on date.. In addition to having fun social events, we'll have elegant events where you can meet quite a few people in one night. This group is indeed for African Americans, where we focus on African American culture, yet if someone from another nationality understood this fact and still wanted to participate or if a member wanted to bring a friend who understands our focus, yet wants to come out anyway, we do not discriminate. Please no submitting logos or graphics as profile pics.There will be network mingles, there will be outings and we'll even delve into speed dating.. People looking away from the camera will not be approved. Spamming the event pages or the profiles of other members will result in being excused from the site.After joining, if photo is removed, we'll remove membership. Our aim is to continue is professionalism at all times.


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